PIGMENT ORANGE 16 is also known as Dianisidine Orange. Its color is a yellowish orange, which is considerably redder than P.O.13 and 34. The largest area of application for C.I.NO.:PO16,PIGMENT ORANGE 16 is in the printing ink industry. The pigment is used particularly to adjust the shades of P.Y.12 type diarylide yellow pigments. Resinated types are produced in order to provide higher transparency. C.I.NO.:PO16,PIGMENT ORANGE 16 is not lightfast and durable enough to be used in paints. Low-cost production, however, makes it a suitable colorant for rubber and for textile printing.


产品技术规格书 TDS


Shanghai Honor Industrial Co., LTD is a main producer and exporter of specialty organic and inorganic pigments ideal for use in the paint and coatings, plastics, and inks industries. With a dedicated lab for organic pigment testing, each product’s quality is ensured to be consistent and standardized. This method also shortens the supply chain and ensures that each customer order is supplied quickly and cost effectively.


Shanghai Honor Industrial Co., LTD

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