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C.I.NO:PR8, PIGMENT RED 8 affords clean, bluish shades of red. It is primarily used in the printing ink industry. It exhibits high tinctorial strength and produces brilliant prints. This product is used in prints which require no particular solvent resistance. The prints are fast to soap but not entirely stable to butter and paraffin. C.I.NO:PR8, PIGMENT RED 8 is used in a variety of special media outside the paints, printing inks, and plastics field, which is also true for other members of this class of pigments. One such application is in the paper industry, where the pigment is used for mass coloration and surface coating formulations. It also lends itself to application in artists’ colors and office articles.


Shanghai Honor Industrial Co., LTD is a main producer and exporter of specialty organic and inorganic pigments ideal for use in the paint and coatings, plastics, and inks industries. With a dedicated lab for organic pigment testing, each product’s quality is ensured to be consistent and standardized. This method also shortens the supply chain and ensures that each customer order is supplied quickly and cost effectively.



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