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Masurf® FS-2900 


Pilot Chemical

Masurf® FS-2900 is characterized as a 100% active aqueous fluoroaliphatic polyoxyethylene surfactant dispersion. FS-2900 is a C6-based nonionic fluorosurfactant with the ability to contribute exceptional wetting, spreading and leveling properties to a wide range of systems. With typical use levels of 50-500ppm, it is effective at very low concentrations, and together with traditional hydrocarbon surfactants, can contribute properties not possible with either material alone. This product is stable in anionic and cationic systems, effective in high or low pH, and recommended in a wide range of applications. It is useful in water-based latex paints to extend opentime (wet-edge time). In high performance polymer and non-aqueous resin systems, FS-2900 acts as a coupling agent for fillers, imparts anti-soiling performance and allows wetting of low energy surfaces.


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Pilot Chemical has a number of proprietary technologies, including alkylation, sulfonation, sulfation, and amidization. Custom blending is also offered, which helps to produce economical and customer/application specific blends. The Calfax® and Masurf® lines offer excellent wetting, coupling, stabilizing, and leveling properties, and can be used in a wide range of applications.


Pilot Chemical

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