Calfax® DB-45 


Pilot Chemical

Calfax® DB-45 is a clear light amber aqueous solution of sodium dodecyl branched dipheny oxide disulfonate. It contains no halogenated solvents and is compatible with a broad range of acids, alkalis, chlorine and peroxide bleaches and builders such as sodium carbonate and sodium metasilicate. The high surface activity and the high electrolyte tolerance of Calfax® DB-45 make it the surfactant of choice for the manufacture of latex emulsions for adhesives and foam rubber. These properties allow the user to operate the emulsification process under conditions that would not be usable with conventional surface active agents, permitting greater control over latex’s molecular weight and particle size. Calfax® DB-45 also aids in improving a latex emulsion’s thermal and mechanical stability.



Pilot Chemical has a number of proprietary technologies, including alkylation, sulfonation, sulfation, and amidization. Custom blending is also offered, which helps to produce economical and customer/application specific blends. The Calfax® and Masurf® lines offer excellent wetting, coupling, stabilizing, and leveling properties, and can be used in a wide range of applications.


Pilot Chemical

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