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Calfax® 16L-35 


Pilot Chemical

Calfax® 16L-35 is an aqueous solution of sodium hexadecyl diphenyl oxide disulfonate, which has a clear light amber appearance and contains no halogenated solvents. Calfax® 16L-35 offers superior solubility and stability in electrolyte solutions such as brine, bleach, caustic and inorganic acids. The long, linear side chain promotes lower critical micelle concentration (CMC), higher surface tension and lower foam stability than the other Calfax® products. Calfax® 16L-35 offers substantially less foam than shorter chain disulfonates. It is an efficient emulsifier for ABS resins and styrene-butadiene latex, among others.


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Pilot Chemical has a number of proprietary technologies, including alkylation, sulfonation, sulfation, and amidization. Custom blending is also offered, which helps to produce economical and customer/application specific blends. The Calfax® and Masurf® lines offer excellent wetting, coupling, stabilizing, and leveling properties, and can be used in a wide range of applications.


Pilot Chemical

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