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Lysopac Yellow 6607B


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Lysopac yellow 6607B is an inorganic pigment of the bismuth vanadate chemistry of the latest generation. It is a green shade yellow of exceptionally high colour strength in Cappelle’s range and as compared to competitors products as well. 6607B offers very low mill base viscosity and very good shear stability allows to obtain pigment loading at 70% in the mill base. Lysopac Yellow 6607B suits well for water based decorative paint, can also be used in other coatings areas which demand the known high performance from bismuth vanadate chemistry.


Ferro, a global leader in CICPs, Nubiola, the #1 Ultramarines producer and a top supplier of other inorganic pigment families and Cappelle’s high performance Bismuth Vanadates, Transparent Iron Oxides and Organic pigments have joined forces under the Ferro Pigments banner developing Color Solutions for Plastics, Coatings, Inks, Construction, Cosmetics, Artists’ Colors, Leather market and other industrial markets. The new Ferro Pigments offers customers an enlarged high-quality product portfolio, triple the innovation, a broader geographical presence, and a high customer focus.




Ferro Pigments

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