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NANOBYK®-3603 is a surface additive based on aluminum oxide nanoparticles to improve the scratch resistance of aqueous systems without having a negative impact on properties such as gloss and transparency. As the aluminum oxide nanoparticles are very small, it is even suitable for highly transparent and high-gloss coatings, and can be used in clear or pigmented systems.


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Byk globally supplies additives in the Paint and Coatings Industry. These additives include nanotechnology-based additives, surface additives, wetting and dispersing additives, and rheology additives. BYK’s product range also includes wax and process additives, defoamers and UV absorbers, and viscosity depressants. Byk’s key brands include ANTI-TERRA®, AQUACER®, BYK®, CERACOL®, DISPERBYK®, OPTIGEL®, etc.


Byk 毕克

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