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IMSIL® A-15 

IMSIL® A-15 is a silica filler produced from an inert, naturally occurring alpha quartz with a unique grape-like morphology. It is easily wetted and dispersed in either solvent or water-based systems, and is selected for its excellent tint retention, durability over prolonged exposure and resistance to dirt and weathering. This product has a median particle size of 3.5 microns.



Sibelco Specialty Minerals Europe (SSME) offers service and technical support to deliver local solutions supported by global resources for the Paint and Coating Industry. Sibelco’s unique Coating product range includes high quality engineered fillers and extenders across a wide range of application fields, including marine and industrial coatings, powder coatings, wood, and decorative paints.



Sibelco Specialty Minerals Europe

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