Celopro® HHB70S 

Celopro® HHB70S is an extremely high viscosity Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) which provides many benefits for coatings, such as consistency for application, water retention, binding power, function as a protective colloid, etc. Furthermore, storage stability, open time, anti-spattering, levelling, hiding power, and film-formation of the coating material are enhanced by the use of HEC.


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Celotech is one of the leading manufacturers of cellulose ethers. The most abundant and renewable raw material cellulose is converted from cotton/wood pulp into varies types of cellulose ethers in our factory. Celotech produces and commercializes different types of cellulose ethers. Our products are used in almost all the aspects of our daily life.



Celotech Chemical Co., Ltd.

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