Durham Cobalt 254 

Durham Cobalt 254 compounds are smooth uniform cobalt-based pastes for the prevention of loss of dry in paint systems and reduction in gel time drift in unsaturated polyester resins. Durham Cobalt 254 is used as a “feeder drier” for systems that exhibit loss of dry on storage. The high percentage of cobalt contained in Cobalt 254 acts as a sacrificial additive and allows the standard driers to perform their functions without being affected by additional additives that may be present in the system. The main cause of loss of dry occurs in high filled systems containing silica matting agents and in dark colour systems containing colorants such as carbon black and iron oxide pigments.


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Huntsman Pigments & Additives is an essential maker and processor of fluid, powder and granulated manifestations of iron oxide shade shades, common and engineered inorganic colors and robotized color taking care of frameworks utilized by producers of coatings and colorants. They concentrate on worldwide specialty fragments of the advanced materials markets, pigments and additives and specialty chemicals.


Huntsman Pigments & Additives

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