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MAGNABRITE® T is a highly-purified, selected blend of white smectite clays supplied as small flakes to ease dispersion. This product is used whenever an inorganic, thixotropic material is desired to disperse pigments, retard settling, impart body or stabilize emulsions. It is a nonmigrating binder which delivers high yield values that enable the successful suspension of high-density pigments and particles. It can find applications in paints and ceramics.


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American Colloid Company is a global manufacturer of bentonite clay products used in the Paint and Coatings industry. This company supplies an extensive range of bentonite products for use as thickeners, binders, suspending agents, and emulsion stabilizers in adhesives, paints, coatings, and other industrial applications. Featured products include BENTOBRITE® 770, POLARGEL®, VOLCLAY® HPM-20, and more.


American Colloid Company

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