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STERLING® C is a pelleted reinforcing furnace carbon black. It is formulated to impart electrical conductivity with good reinforcement to rubber compounds, and has good abrasion resistance properties. This product is well suited for use in anti-static and conductive applications such as hospital flooring and sheeting, wire and cable jacketing, printing rolls, conveyor and power transmission belts, and hoses for mining and petroleum.


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Cabot Corporation - Additives (NYSE: CBT) is a leading global specialty chemicals and performance materials company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. They have been an industry leader for more than 130 years in products such as rubber and specialty carbons, cesium formate brines, activated carbon, aerogel, fine cesium chemicals, fumed metal oxides, graphenes, inkjet colorants, masterbatches and conductive compounds. Cabot products have applications in several industries including the paint and coating industry.


Cabot Corporation - Additives

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