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CERAMER™ 1608 

CERAMER™ 1608 polymer is formed by grafting maleic anhydride derivatives onto hydrocarbon polymers in a manner that adds high levels of acid and ester functionality without significantly degrading the hydrocarbon backbone. CERAMER™ 1608 polymer has a melting point of 75 and a saponification number of 215. Despite a higher acid number than oxidized products, they are much harder with higher melting points. It is used in imaging and coatings applications to promote adhesion and bonding in thermal transfer inks, as a dispersant for pigments in thermal transfer inks and coatings, as a compatibilizer for polyolefin waxes into polyester and styrene-acrylic toners, and to promote low coefficient of friction in polishes.


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Baker Hughes specialty polymers offer solutions for five markets: plastics additives, imaging and coatings, candles, adhesives, and personal care. The olefin-based, low-molecular weight polymers and waxes improve the performance, use, and production of our customers’ products. Baker Hughes' polymer and wax additives ensure coatings, inks, and toners perform best. These additives cover melt and functional chemistries for liquid- and solid-phase applications.



Baker Hughes (Baker Petrolite - Coatings)

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