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UNILIN™ 425 

UNILIN™ 425 is a fully saturated, long chain, linear primary alcohol used in imaging and coatings applications. UNILIN™ 425 has a melting point of 91 and a viscosity of 4. The function of this alcohol is to compatibilize with polar polymers and react to form derivatives. The linear carbon backbone of this alcohol is designed for compatibility with hydrocarbons and to provide solvent resistance in coatings. The low polydispersity of this product controls the melting point while lowering the melt viscosity.


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Baker Hughes specialty polymers offer solutions for five markets: plastics additives, imaging and coatings, candles, adhesives, and personal care. The olefin-based, low-molecular weight polymers and waxes improve the performance, use, and production of our customers’ products. Baker Hughes' polymer and wax additives ensure coatings, inks, and toners perform best. These additives cover melt and functional chemistries for liquid- and solid-phase applications.



Baker Hughes (Baker Petrolite - Coatings)

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