XY 680 Ally Glycidyl Ether 

XY 680 Ally Glycidyl Ether is an organic compound with two functional groups: allyl and epoxy groups. It is a colorless transparent liquid, primarily used as raw material a coupling agent for polymers and silane. It is also used as a glass fiber/textile treating agent and air-drying agent of unsaturated polyester. This product can be used as a treating agent for elastomers and unsaturated polyesters as well.


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Anhui Xinyuan Chemical Co., LTD. is a private enterprise that specializes in solid epoxy resins. Anhui Xinyuan is focused on and innovative in the application areas of epoxy resin and have a variety of reactive diluents suitable for floor coatings, casting or encapsulating, adhesives and solvent free coating.



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