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Glycoluril Crosslinker RD-T1174 

Glycoluril Crosslinker RD-T1174 is a glycoluril crosslinker that is a pale white to yellowish powder. This product is used to provide excellent weather resistance, overbake resistance, and anti-yellowing properties. It finds application in flat and textured film styles and finishes.


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Anshan Runde Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a supplier of curing agents used in the Paint & Coatings industry. Committed to high quality and affordability, this organization offers a wide range of products including TGIC and HAA curing agents for polyester powder coatings, glycoluril crosslinker TMMGU, epoxy curing agents, levelling agents, gloss agents, wrinkle catalysts, and acrylic resins.


Anshan Runde Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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