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Water-Based Air-Drying Epoxy-Ester Resin RD-500 

Water-Based Air-Drying Epoxy-Ester Resin RD-500 is a water-based air-drying epoxy-ester resin that appears as a transparent, viscous liquid. This product has been diluted with de-ionized water and has room-temperature curing, fast drying and gloss film features. It is stable to high shear speed and can be directly used in grinding. It finds application as a binder for waterborne air-drying protective or decorative enamels and in primers for steel or alloy surfaces at room or low baking temperature.


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Anshan Runde Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a supplier of curing agents used in the Paint & Coatings industry. Committed to high quality and affordability, this organization offers a wide range of products including TGIC and HAA curing agents for polyester powder coatings, glycoluril crosslinker TMMGU, epoxy curing agents, levelling agents, gloss agents, wrinkle catalysts, and acrylic resins.


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