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EXOCOAT™ 151B by Axcentive is a doped sol-gel based nanotitanium oxide with an excellent self-cleaning performance. When applied as a spray it forms a nanolayer, which is super hydrophilic and photocatalytic to render substrates into hygienic surfaces. The photocatalytic effect results in effective free-radical formation which breaks down organic matter such as dirt and soil. Airborne particles such as volatile organic and nitrous oxide compounds (VOCs, NOx) are also eradicated by EXOCOAT™ 151B. EXOCOAT™ 151B has a very low activation energy to perform and will show its performance already under visible light. EXOCOAT™ 151B should be used as a topcoat. Intended uses are for porous surfaces as concrete, stone and pigmented wall renders.


Axcentive Sarl provides numerous specialty products based on sulfonamide. With extensive knowledge about production, technology, applications, and marketing, they are able to effectively communicate with customers and expand their business. The company offers plasticizers which can be used for tubing, thermoplastics, resins, pigments, and various other applications.



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Axcentive Sarl

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