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Ketjenflex® MS 80


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Ketjenflex® MS 80 is a toluene sulfonamide in the form of a transparent liquid. it is used as a plasticizing co-resin in butyl acetate for coatings, adhesives, and inks. Ketjenflex® MS 80 is the liquid version of Ketjenflex® MH and can easily be poured into desired formulations. It has applications in nitrocellulose coatings, cellulose acetate formulations, and printing inks.


Axcentive Sarl provides numerous specialty products based on sulfonamide. With extensive knowledge about production, technology, applications, and marketing, they are able to effectively communicate with customers and expand their business. The company offers plasticizers which can be used for tubing, thermoplastics, resins, pigments, and various other applications.



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Axcentive Sarl

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