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STANLUX® Paste 1870 

STANLUX® Paste 1870 is a non-leafing type aluminum paste made of medium lamellar particles covered with oleic acid that provides differentiated effects that add a metallic shine to the applied system. STANLUX® Paste 1870 is considered to be standard level and is recommended for systems requiring differentiated metallic finishes, brighter color, and high hiding power. It has an average particle size of 16 microns and uses a HA (High Aromatic) and MS (Mineral Spirit) solvent. Applications include: aerosol spray decorative paints, industrial paints, and trade paints.


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Aldoro Indústria de Pós e Pigmentos Metálicos Ltda. is a well-known supplier of metallic pigments. With excellent quality products, they are able to compete with other businesses worldwide. The company is committed to the continuous improvement of all products while maintaining focus on each and every client.


Aldoro Indústria de Pós e Pigmentos Metálicos Ltda

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