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Aspanger Mica TM 



Aspanger Mica TM, from the T-series, is dry ground muscovite-type of a high aspect ratio and purity with a extremely low heavy metals content. It also has an excellent elasticity with good wetting properties and brightness. Aspanger Mica TM improves material properties significantly in the application with improved adhesion, reduced permeability, reduced cracking and shrinkage, increased abrasion resistance, weathering resistance, increased flexural modulus and strength, and more. Main applications are in anti-corrosion high-build coatings and refactory coatings, building paints, renders, as well as industrial paints, thermoplastics polymers, thermosets, emulsions, and elastomers. Aspanger Mica TM has a spec. surface (m²/g) of 5.5, an a oil absorption (g/100 g) of 37, and a loose bulk density (g/l) of 360.


产品技术规格书 TDS


Aspanger is a supplier of high-quality, functional mica for paints and varnishes. These products offer reduced shrinkage and cracking, reduced permeability, improved adhesion, and increased abrasion-, weathering-, thermal shock-, chemical, UV- and IR-resistance. Aspanger's mica is recommended for water-based systems such as emulsions and building paints, renders, as well as industrial paints, anti-corrosion high-build coatings, and roadmarkings.



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