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CENOBEADS™ CZC (Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Bead)


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CENOBEADS™ CZC (Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Bead) is a high density zirconia bead that is suitable for large capacity vertical mills for dispersion of CaCO3. It has been applied to the grinding CaCO3 for high viscosity paper coating. It is also suitable for the production of high-viscosity paints and inks.


Cenotec Co., Ltd. is the world`s top expert in Grinding Media, Zirconia, Zircon powder and Ceramic materials through innovative R&D and persistent efforts in Quality Management. Additionally, with marketing that prioritizes customer satisfaction Cenotec Co., Ltd. has secured its position as the world’s best Grinding Media Manufacturer.

Cenotec manufactures CENOBEADS™ CZY that has high density and hardness, making it suitable for high-quality products, such as automobile paints and inks. It has high wear-resistance and no contamination, so it is suitable for electronic ceramics, foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products that require zero contamination from the grinding media.



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