Crestakyd® 30-5500 


Scott Bader

Crestakyd® 30-5500 is a short oil, air-drying, chain-stopped alkyd, derived from linoleic-rich fatty acids and supplied in xylene. High solids content helps to ensure VOC compliance in final formulations. This product is ideal for use in low VOC industrial applications such as air-drying topcoats, DTM primers, one coat primer systems, and paints.


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Scott Bader is a supplier of synthetic resins and polymers used in the Paint & Coatings industry. Key product lines include Crystic® Gelcoats, Crestakyd® Solventborne Alkyd Resins, Crestapol® Acrylic Resins, and Texicryl® Acrylic Emulsions and Thickeners. Renown for its innovation, high quality ingredients, and superior customer service, this organization is committed to excellence.


Scott Bader

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