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Texicryl® 13-811 


Scott Bader

Texicryl® 13-811 is an acrylic copolymer emulsion that has good rub resistance and transfer properties and is ideal for use in water-based printing inks and in the making of high gloss and emulsion paints. In the form of its amine salt, the emulsion is used a sole or part-binder in flexographic printing inks that are water-based. Texicryl® 13-811 allows formulating latitude because solubilizing amines and wet-edge additives can be chosen by the formulator.


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Scott Bader is a supplier of synthetic resins and polymers used in the Paint & Coatings industry. Key product lines include Crystic® Gelcoats, Crestakyd® Solventborne Alkyd Resins, Crestapol® Acrylic Resins, and Texicryl® Acrylic Emulsions and Thickeners. Renown for its innovation, high quality ingredients, and superior customer service, this organization is committed to excellence.


Scott Bader

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