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Pinerez® 2110 



Pinerez® 2110 is a tackifier resin with a light color and moderate softening point which shows broad compatibility and helps to improve adhesion to difficult surfaces like PET. The product is part of a series of Pinerez® tackifier resins which are recommended to boost the adhesive performance not only of hot melt adhesives and solvent-based adhesives, but to aid in sealants and water-based flooring adhesives as well.



Lawter supplies products and technical services for many specialty coating applications. The company's strength in rosin resin chemistry has made it a leading supplier to the thermoplastic road marking industry and water-borne coatings. Lawter provides specialty resins to the ink jet market, primer coatings industry other niche coating markets. They also offer tackifier resins that boost adhesion and tack in a variety of hot melt and solvent-based adhesives to the adhesives and sealant industry.



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