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Desmocolor Black PU, VPA 503/1 


mk chemicals

Desmocolor Black PU, VPA 503/1 is a black colored pasty to liquid pigment. It has a pigment content of 15%, an organic solvents value of 35%, and a flash point of 24 degrees Celsius. This product is used in the preparation of polyurethane coatings that are used on roofs and floors.




MK Chemicals GmbH manufactures water-base and solvent-base pigment preparations, bound into plasticizers and various resins as well as powder preparations for semi-finished and finished products. Their products have applications in the paint and coatings industry as additives in paints, varnishes, paper and textile coatings. Another part of the production is dedicated to water-repellant products, additives for the automotive industry, paper coating materials and a range of products for all special applications.


mk chemicals

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