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Eracoat Flow Additive 


Era Polymers

Eracoat Flow Additive is a surface tension modifier in the form of a clear liquid. It is an additive for coatings designed to minimize the rejection problems normally caused by wax, oil, and other common household contaminants. Eracoat Flow Additive is suitable for the products Eracoat MDI 45 Gloss, Eracoat 45 Gloss, and Eracoat MDI High Build Sealer. It is not suitable for external or wet applications and can be used for interior flooring, particleboard, and cork flooring.


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Era Polymers is a developer and manufacturer of polyurethane-based additives used in the Paint and Coatings industry. It has a strong reputation for exceptional quality and service. Era Polymers offers a wide range of cast elastomer prepolymers for a variety of applications, including rubber binders, spray polyurethanes and polyureas, timber floor coatings, and rigid and flexible foam systems.


Era Polymers

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