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Microsun Zinc Oxide W45/80 

Microsun Zinc Oxide W45/80 is a water based dispersion agent that provides improved UV radiation protection. It also prevents the breakdown of chalking, and improves gloss retention for coated substrates. The product is liquid in form, brown in color, and has a mean primary particle size of 70 to 90 nm, a specific gravity of 1.5 grams per cubic centimeter, and a Zinc Oxide purity of greater than 99.5 percent. It has antifungal and antibacterial attributes that can aid at lowering surface build up. This product is used in used in exterior and interior paints to provide a semi transparent film of dispersed sub-micron Zinc Oxide where improvements to longevity and weatherability are desired, and where transparency is less desired.


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Micronisers Pty Ltd is committed to developing, producing, and supplying consistent, reliable, and high-quality products in order to maximize customer satisfaction. Their zinc oxide products are used for sun protection benefits in various paints and coatings. The company is dedicated to continually improving the quality of their products by using a cGMP Quality system.


Micronisers Pty Ltd

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