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Spolapon PTS NaP 


Enaspol AS

Spolapon PTS NaP is a hydrotropic substance that is a white powder in appearance and designed to reduce the cloud point and crystallization temperature of complex blends. This product can be used as an anti-caking agent, coupling agent, viscosity modifier, and solubilizer in paints and coatings.


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Enaspol AS is a traditional Czech chemical company, one of the leading European producers of surface active agents (surfactants) and chemical auxiliaries for various industries. The company produces polynaphthalene sulfonates for concrete super plasticizers, dyestuff dispersants for the grinding of pigments and printing inks and is a major producer of textile auxiliaries. Common applications for Enaspol products include dyes, pigments, paints, coatings, textile auxiliaries, and the paper industry.


Enaspol AS

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