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NQ COTTON is a line of products which encompasses all industrial nitrocellulose grades in the cotton form. They vary in viscosity, degree of nitration and wetting agent. In the NQ COTTON line, customers find products covering different specifications for the various nitrocellulose applications, such as the printing ink, nail polish, automotive refinish and wood coatings, pharmaceutical and many other industries. We make it our business to develop them according to the properties required in each of these segments, allowing our customers to formulate paints and coatings with outstanding technical properties, such as fast drying, film formation, gloss, and compatibility with many resins.


Companhia Nitro Quimica Brasileira is the largest global nitrocellulose producer in the world, exporting to over 70 countries. They focus on producing nitrocellulose using as much biorenewable materials as possible, and has a number of internationally acknowledged quality standards.



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Companhia Nitro Quimica Brasileira

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