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Moonshine® Silver White Ultra Sparkle (GFESWUS) 


Glassflake Ltd

Moonshine® Silver White Ultra Sparkle (GFESWUS) are high specification glass flakes with an average thickness of 1.2 microns. They are coated with high refractive index metal oxides resulting in unique pigments that display strong interference colors combined with high transparency and extraordinary gloss. They allow for the creation of unique designs and styles, even at low loadings. The Effect series may be used in both cosmetic and industrial applications.


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Glassflake Ltd is a supplier of unique glass flake ingredients used in the Paint & Coatings industry. An innovator in the glass flake industry, it was the first to manufacture flakes using a rotary method. Drawing on a history of trendsetting and development, Glassflake delivers advanced materials for a variety of applications, including coatings, thermoplastics, and special effect pigments.


Glassflake Ltd

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