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K-PURE® CXC-1765 

K-PURE® CXC-1765 is a zinc complex stimulantt for cross linking of epoxy/carboxylic and epoxy/anhydride functional resins. K-PURE® CXC-1765 catalyzes the reaction of glycidyl ether, ester, cycloaliphatic epoxies and epoxidized oils with carboxyl and anhydride groups. K-PURE® CXC-1765 offers enhances storage stability, thermal stability, and low color relative to amine catalyzed formulations.


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King Industries, Inc. offers a broad range of products used in formulating high performance industrial and automotive, aerospace, and ballistic grade additives for coatings. King Industries' core technologies consist of catalysts, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, resin modifiers, rheology, and surface control.


King Industries, Inc.

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