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K-PURE® TAG-2678


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K-PURE® TAG-2678 is a quaternary ammonium blocked triflic acid thermal acid generator specifically made to be used in thermally cured microlithography coatings. It has a sharp activation profile and does not provide any volatile components when activated. K-PURE® TAG-2678 is ideally appropriate for amino crosslinkable melamine, self-condensed melamine, glycoluril, urea or silanol and alkoxysilane crosslinkable resins. K-PURE® TAG-2678 can also be used to stimulize the polymerization of epoxy resins and ring opening polymerization of cyclic ethers as well as other monomers capable of undergoing cationic polymerization. This product appears as white crystals and is soluble in PGME, ethyl lactate, acetone, and propylene carbonate. It has limited solubility in PGMEA and is almost insoluble in water.


King Industries, Inc. offers a broad range of products used in formulating high performance industrial and automotive, aerospace, and ballistic grade additives for coatings. King Industries' core technologies consist of catalysts, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, resin modifiers, rheology, and surface control.



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King Industries, Inc.

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