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JWH-2188R is a water-oil-based universal pre-liquid dispersion preparation that has a color index of P.R.188 with good compatibility in solvent and water systems. This product is mainly used in emulsions, solvent-based alkyd coatings, and water-based latex.


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Jeco Pigment (USA), Inc. is a manufacturer that specializes in pigment preparations used in the Paint and Coatings and Graphic Arts and Inks industries. This company mainly focuses on developing a wide range of pre-liquid dispersion pigments and organic pigments. Featured products include Pigment Yellow PY170 JHY-1700L, JWV-2153B, JWF-2188R, JH-WD 2007BK, Pigment Blue 15:0 JHB-7000W, and more.


Jeco Pigment (USA), Inc.

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