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Basic Chromic Sulfate


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Basic Chromic Sulfate is a dark green mixture of sodium sulfate and alkali chromic sulfate that is easy to soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol with tough water absorbency. It is used in passivation for zinc alloy plating and zinc, as the trivalent chromic mordant for printing industry, for wool in dying, and as an inorganic trivalent chromic tanning agent for fur tanning.


Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical Co., Ltd. manufactures organic pigments and solvent dyes. The company also provides inorganic pigments for at the same time. Hangzhou Xcolor products are widely used in all kinds of areas (such as paints, inks, plastic and etc.). Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical Co., Ltd. also makes products according to customers’ different specifications.



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Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical Co., Ltd.

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