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Fast Orange RL-T(Tr)


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Fast Orange RL-T(Tr) is a pigment that is reddish in color. It has a color index number of Pigment Orange 34, a CAS number of 15793-72-4, and an EU number of 239-898-6. This product has a density value of 1.4, a pH value of 6,5, and is used in solvent inks, aqueous inks, and aqueous coatings.


Emperor Pigment Co., Ltd. is one of the world leading pigment & dyestuffs supplier located in Zhejiang province, China. The company has been marketing and supplying high performance pigment and dyestuffs products to customers in the paint and coating, printing inks, master batch and plastics industries world wide. They offer complete systematic solutions to solve problems in areas of color, appearance and physicals properties.



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Emperor Pigment Co., Ltd.

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