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Imagitroll Yellow Oxide 

Imagitroll Yellow Oxide is an industrial colorant that is pourable pigment dispersion with high strength specifically formulated for in-plant tinting and for use on manual and automatic dispensing machines. It is a cost economic substitute to specific industrial pigment pastes comprising of industrial resins. Imagitroll Yellow Oxide is meant for tinting of industrial paints like stoving lacquers, PU, stoving enamels, epoxy, thermosetting acrylics, and more. It has a specific gravity of 1.765 and a pigment solid of 55%.


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Imagico is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Colorant Systems, Nano dispersions and Pigment Pastes for paints, inks, textiles and various other industrial applications. Their products offer UV dispersion for the EB and UV curable coating and printing inks with high pigmentation, high gloss and good storage stability. Imagico has the ability to innovate new products and applications and can optimize production per customer requirements.


Imagico Pvt. Ltd.

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