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Kito Chem

KEPERSURF®-1691 is a flatting and leveling agent made of a fluorocarbon modified polyacrylate solution. It is a colorless liquid with high fluorine concentrations which contribute to its quick leveling and anti-cratering properties. This additive contains no organosilicone good heat stability and defoaming properties, which makes it a cost effective alternative in comparison with other defoaming agents that are silicone based. It is well suited for use in the production of solvent based paints and coatings.


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Kito Chem offer high quality raw materials for paints and coatings and printing ink. In order to provide their high-level products and service, they import advanced technology, and set up production in Zhuhai city. Their products include wetting dispersing agents, surface control agents(leveling agent), defoaming agents, rheological agents, adhesion promoters, catalytic agents, water-based resins and functional polymers.


Kito Chem

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