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Matting Agent Rimatt RC7205


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Matting Agent Rimatt RC7205 is based on polyacrylate for hybrid systems. This product appears as a white or yellowish powder. It can be used as a matting agent for powder coatings. The end product will have color stability and low gloss.


Hangzhou Right Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 and is located in Hangzhou, around 200 KM far from Shanghai. They specialize in development, production and sales in additives of powder coatings and metal compounds. long with the powder coatings development in the past decades, we have developed many kinds of functional powder coatings additives to be suitable for the different applications. Hangzhour Right Chemical has developed many kinds of matting agent series and enviromental HAA curing agents and these are accepted by many powder coatings customers in the paint and coating industry.



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Hangzhou Right Chemical Co., Ltd.

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