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Pigment Yellow 83


Shanghai Liancai Chemicals Co., Ltd. 上海连彩化工贸易有限公司目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

Pigment Yellow 83 (SMY-K8350A) is an organic pigment with the CI # :21108, PY83. It is diarylide pigment powder, with reddish yellow color, semi-transparent. It offers good heat resistance and good dispersion and lower viscosity. It is good use in a wide variety of applications including plastics, paints, printing inks and so on.


Shanghai Liancai Chemicals Co., Ltd. specializes in researching and supplying pigments used in the Paint and Coatings industry. This company focuses on manufacturing Azo series pigments, high-grade Heterocyclic, Phathalocyanine series pigments, and high-grade dispersions. Most of these products are under a strict quality control management system, and can be widely used in different types of coatings.



Shanghai Liancai Chemicals Co., Ltd. 上海连彩化工贸易有限公司

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