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EBECRYL® 8811 

EBECRYL® 8811 is a difunctional aliphatic urethane acrylate that does not contain any intentionally added organic tin compounds, heavy metals*, hydroquinone (HQ) or methyl ether of hydroquinone (MEHQ). (Please note that quinones are present in many raw materials, so the overall quinone content is reduced, but not zero in EBECRYL® 8811.) EBECRYL® 8811 exhibits rapid surface cure response in both low and high energy cure systems. It is especially recommended for use in UV LED and UVA curing in order to obtain good surface cure. Films of EBECRYL® 8811 cured by ultraviolet light (UV) or electron beam (EB) exhibit good flexibility, toughness, abrasion resistance, and are resistant to yellowing.


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Allnex比利时SA / NV是紫外线(UV)和电子束(EB)能量固化涂料,油漆和涂料行业的供应商。他们广泛的产品系列UCECOAT®,EBECRYL®和VANCRYL®树脂和ADDITOL®特种添加剂,耐候,很少或没有VOC排放。 Allnex也提供一系列的低萃取性和气味(LEO)树脂,用于低气味、低迁移油墨和涂料。


Allnex - UV/EB Curable Resins 能量固化树脂

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