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CYMEL® 1125 Resin 

CYMEL® 1125 resin is a highly methylated/ethylated, carboxyl-modified benzoguanamine crosslinker. It is especially designed for electro-deposition primer formulations requiring excellent corrosion and detergent resistance. The structure of this product offers superior adhesion to metal substrates. It can be used in a wide range of general purpose industrial finishes. However, because this product contains chelating groups which can form colored compounds with heavy metal ions such as iron and zinc, it is recommended for use in only dark single coat applications or primers, and not in pastel colors.


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Allnex比利时SA / NV是创新的液体树脂和添加剂的供应商,用于建筑,工业,防护,汽车和特殊的油漆和涂料工业用途。 Allnex提供广泛而高品质的产品组合,包括低VOC和无HAPS技术,如Beckopox®, Additol®, Cymel®, Daotan®, Macrynal®, Phenodur®, Resydrol®, 和Viacryl®产品线。


Allnex - Liquid Coating Resins & Additives + Crosslinkers 液体树脂、助剂和交联剂

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