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ETERMINO® 9411-75 

ETERMINO® 9411-75 is an n-butylated benzoguanamine-formaldehyde. It offers excellent compatibility properties, good film adhesion, good resistance to household chemicals, and high gloss. This product is recommended for use as a cross-linking agent with alkyds, polyesters and themosetting acrylics. It contributes excellent alkali and detergent resistance to alkyd baking enamels compared to urea or melamine cross-linkers. It produces films with good adhesion to bare metal. Recommended applications include metal cabinet, stoves, refrigerators, washing machines and cans.


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Allnex比利时SA / NV是创新的液体树脂和添加剂的供应商,用于建筑,工业,防护,汽车和特殊的油漆和涂料工业用途。 Allnex提供广泛而高品质的产品组合,包括低VOC和无HAPS技术,如Beckopox®, Additol®, Cymel®, Daotan®, Macrynal®, Phenodur®, Resydrol®, 和Viacryl®产品线。


Allnex - Liquid Coating Resins & Additives + Crosslinkers 液体树脂、助剂和交联剂

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