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Nebores® SP 262-50


NECARBO B.V.目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

Nebores® SP 262-50 is an air-drying, medium oil alkyd resin based on pentaerythritol-esterified soya bean oil. It is non-yellowing and provides excellent brushability, good durability, and outstanding drying properties. This product finds application in primers on porous substrates such as woodfibre, woodfibre board, and chip board for both interior and exterior use, in lower quality paints and enamels, and in marine paints.


Necarbo is a well-known producer, marketer, seller, and distributor of raw materials and semi-manufactured products for the Paint & Coatings industry. They offer a high level of service to suit their customers' needs. The company's portfolio includes alkyd resins, PVAc dispersions, acrylic resins and dispersions, polyurethane dispersions, additives, and pigments.




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