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UV Masterbatch #13 Sky Blue 

UV Masterbatch #13 Sky Blue is made by injection molding 1.5% photochromic dye, 99% plastic, UV stabilizer, and antioxidants.The product changes color when exposed to sunlight / UV and reverts to its original color when the sunlight / UV is dimmed or blocked; however, its color changing effects are different from the photochromic powder and dye. UV Masterbatch #13 Sky Blue is suitable for plastic injection / extrusion.




New Prismatic Enterprise (NCC) is a leading company in the field of colorchanging materials in Taiwan. They specialize in photochromic material, thermochromic material, glow-in-the-dark material, liquid crystal, long-lasting microencapsulated fragrance and black light material. Some NCC products can be used in aqueous and solvent based paints for the paint and coating industry.


New Prismatic Enterprise

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