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TM MC Powder Dark Blue 294C

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TM MC Powder Dark Blue 294C is a thermochromic, microcapsulated, compound formulation, containing less than or equal to 3% moisture with an average particle size of 3-10µm. Its main components are leuco-dye, color developers, and temperature controllers with an activation temperature between -15°C and 70°C, allowing the product to change from dark blue to colorless when the temperature is raised and to return to color as the temperature cools down. With good solvent resistance and dispersal, TM MC Powder Dark Blue 294C is suitable for aqueous based screen printing, paint, and ink.


New Prismatic Enterprise (NCC) is a leading company in the field of colorchanging materials in Taiwan. They specialize in photochromic material, thermochromic material, glow-in-the-dark material, liquid crystal, long-lasting microencapsulated fragrance and black light material. Some NCC products can be used in aqueous and solvent based paints for the paint and coating industry.



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New Prismatic Enterprise

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