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Briscent 8515 

Briscent 8515 is a reddish gold green-colored, pearlescent pigment in a powder form. This product is made of a composition of synthetic Mica, TiO2 and SnO2 with a particle size of 25~100 microns. Briscent 8515 can impart a reddish gold-green, sparkle luster finish in most paint and coating applications.




Ningbo Briscent Trade Co., Ltd. is an experienced supplier of specialty chemicals that includes dyestuffs, pigments, intermediates and chemical specialties. Their products have a variety of applications covering the fields of textile, leather, ink, paper, plastic, paint, rubber and cosmetics. Briscent's products for the paint and coating industry are pigments, dispersions and resins.


Ningbo Briscent Trade Co., Ltd.

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