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Fumaric Acid


Penpet Petrochemical Trading GmbH目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

Fumaric Acid, in the form of a colourless fluid, is produced by the isomerization of maleic acid. This product can be used in paper sizing and in glues. It is sometimes known as 2-Butendioic acid and can also be used in synthetic resins, unsaturated polyester resins, and in lubricants.


Penpet Petrochemical Trading GmbH is a family business specialized in developing innovative solutions for evolving customer requirements and demands and offer a flexible response. Besides their distribution business they have built up a very stable distribution with imported goods in the last years, enabling a broader range of products to their customers. Penpet trading offers resins, lacquers and paints for the paint and coating industry.



Penpet Petrochemical Trading GmbH

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