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Picassian® AC-295


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Picassian® AC-295 is a waterbased anionic styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion agent. It is used in anticorrosive coatings, concrete flooring, and with UV coatings as a way of reducing cost. This product has good adhesive properties with metallic and plastic substrates, is widely compatible with many types of binders, has good clarity properties, has good gloss properties, has good chemical resistance properties, and has fast hardness development properties.


Stahl Polymers is a leading company in process chemicals for leather products and performance coatings. Stahl is one of the few polymer companies that produces carbodiimide crosslinkers to complement its resins. This patented technology is used worldwide to formulate high-performance coatings. Carbodiimide crosslinkers are the perfect solution to add additional properties to a waterborne coating or laquer.



Stahl Polymers

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