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Polytone P 140


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Polytone P 140 is a rosin modified penta esterified and phenol formaldehyde resin. This product is yellowish-brown and comes in small solid pieces. It is a modified phenolic resin for use with drying oil such as linseed and tung oil. It is highly soluble in white spirit. Polytone P 140 is primarily used as an additive for its anticorrosion properties, water resistance and the retention of color in printing inks, paint coatings, sealants and marine finishes.


Polyols and Polymers are engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of synthetic resins that include alkyl phenol resins, phenol formaldehyde resins, modified phenolic resins, ketone formaldehyde resins, ketonic resins, modified maleic resins and polyamide resins. Polyols and Polymers is appreciated for excellent quality and quality consistency, these synthetic resins cater to the demands of rubber based adhesives, rubber goods manufacturers, printing inks, ball point pen ink, lacquers, varnishes, enamels, paints and coatings industries and many more.



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Polyols and Polymers

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